Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mark Zukenberg has bought his own First house

This is really very surprising news for us. The Mark Zukenberg the founder of the Facebook is still living on the rentals house and now he has bought his own house. This house is in “palo alto” nearby his office. We All knows Mark was Billionaire when he was only twenty three year old, but he is living an ordinary life. The cost of his First house is seventy lakhs dollars only in Indian Rupees it cost Thirty one crore thirty three lakhs rupees it is nothing in front of his entire property. Spread over 5,600 sqft in this house has a salt water pool, five bedrooms, one music alcove and a beautiful lawn. It also have a outdoor pavilion with fire place. Keeping the mind the privacy of the Zukenberg’s the location and the photographs do not shown to publicly.

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