Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kareena ‘chicken out’of 6 crore ad

Kareena Kapoor may have gotten over ex-boyfriend shaid kapur a while back, but she is seriously sticking too the advice of a vegetarian lifestyle he gave her when they were an Item. The actress recently turned down an endorsement offer worth over Rs. 6 crore to promote leading chicken products brand because she loves being a veggie. “A popular chicken brand product, but she has refused to make up the plum offer.” A bollywood insider said.
“In fact, kareena was surprised to hear about the offer, because it is a known fact that she is a strict vegetarian now. The company reportedly tried to convince her, but she remained firm on her decision” the source said.
Kaareena dated shahid for about two years before the affair ended in 2007. Shortly after shaid inspired her to change her dietary regime, kareena was voted as the world’s sexiest vegetarian by PETA in 2008. “My fans look up to me and if I can inspiring them to turn vegetarian. I will be happy for it. Being a veggie keeps me fit.” Kareena said after winning the PETA honour. Reportedly, she has also convinced current boyfriend Saif to cut down on non- vegetarian food. Kareena is among Bollywood’s top earning Female stars and the 6-crore offer does not come as a surprise. “What is surprising is the fact that they approached Kareena in the first place.” Said an industry source.

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