Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Sally Bercow becomes the first housemate to be evicted

Keep order! Sally Bercow became the first person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house

Sally Bercow became the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

The wife of House Of Common Speaker John Bercow received the least amount of votes with the audience voting who to save, a change from the original series to vote for who they wanted to leave.

Mrs Bercow, 41, was up against male model Bobby Sabel, 26, and reality TV star Kerry Katona, 30.

'Thought so': Sally admitted she knew it would be her as Brian Dowling announced her name

The mother-of-three received a mixed response from the audience as she left the house in a red and black asymmetrical dress.

She was greeted by some female friends as her husband is believed to still be on holiday in India.

Bercow was clearly expecting to be evicted and said 'thought so' after Brian Dowling announced her name.

During her exit interview, she admitted she found it 'embarrassing' to be the first celebrity to be voted out.

Nerves: Both Kerry Katona (left) and Bobby Sabel were up against Sally, but received more votes to be kept in the house

She said: 'I'm a bit embarrassed to be the first one out. It's a bit of a loser thing really. I'm quite looking forward to seeing my children.'

Although she knew she would probably be first out, she also knew it would be a close call with Bobby, who was booed by the crowd due to his bad behaviour in the house over the past few days.

She explained: 'He is good looking, so the teenage girls would vote for him.
'I didn't think the public would vote out Kerry this early on.'

She admitted she had gone through a lot personally before going into the house.

Tension: The housemates sat in a semi-circle holding hands as they waited to hear who would be evicted

She revealed: 'I had a lot of opposition. From various people in the political world and from my husband, who I love very much. I had to fight quite hard to get here.

'A lot of of people didn't want me to go in because I'm the Speaker's wife. In the political world everyone remembers the George Galloway cat moment. But I'm glad I've done it because I raised £100,000 for my charity.'

During her live interview with Dowling, she was told off for swearing.

Reflecting on her angry reaction to being nominated for eviction by Katona, she explained: 'I've got emotions, I'm human, my image is not someone who breaks down in tears a lot.'

Farewell: The housemates lead Sally to the stairs as she prepares to make her grand exit

But she admitted she would have nominated Kerry and Bobby herself given the choice.

Reflecting on her most popular housemate, she said she loved Paddy Doherty because he's so 'genuine and real', despite coming from various different worlds.

Discussing Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, who she had several tense exchanges with: 'She's a lovely person, but she's quite annoying. It is all about HER. She's the biggest hypochondriac I've ever met.'

Sally is said to have been paid £150,000 for her appearance on the show, with £20,000 going to her publicist Max Clifford, with her keeping the remaining £30,000.

Enjoying her moment in the spotlight: Sally received a mixed - but more cheers than boos - response from the crowd

But Labour MP Kate Hoey has called for Sally - who lives in a rent-free apartment in the Palace Of Westminster - to give her money to the taxpayer.

Hoey said: 'If she is earning that amount of money, why should taxpayers - and my hard-pressed constituents - contribute to her living in rent-free accommodation?
'If she is a public figure, why is she not contributing to the cost of her accommodation?'

However, her spokesperson Clifford responded: 'This grace-and-favour accommodation is her husband's. Would Kate Hoey prefer it if she moved out of there with her three children?'

She's got courage: Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, as The Lion, showed how brave she was in a cup task

Smash! Pamela crashed her hand down on a polystyrene cup, which potentially had a sharp spike underneath it

Meanwhile, earlier in the show, Pamela, aka 'The Lion' had to prove her courage by smashing her hands on a series of polystyrene cups - unaware which one had a sharp spike underneath it.

Her horrified housemates were watching the activity on a TV screen in the lounge area.

However, the three Dorothys - Sally, Kerry and Bobby - failed their part of the task because they weren't on the yellowbrick road the whole time.

However, Big Brother informed them they had passed the shopping task as a group.

The three Dorothys: Sally's eviction came after she spent the past few days dressed as Dorothy for the Wizard Of Oz shopping task

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