Thursday, August 4, 2011

She acts, she models and she can drive from the back seat of a car: Emma Watson lends a helping hand to a fumbling friend

Helping hand: Emma Watson was seen helping her friend drive her car as she sat in the back seat after leaving a premiere on Monday

She is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses and in-demand models of the moment but it appears that Emma Watson can also drive a car from its back seat.

The Harry Potter star was seen directing from her seat in the back of the car as she and two friends left The Change Up premiere.

And it seems that Emma was in great spirits as she appeared to manoeuvre her friend’s gear stick and stretched her hand out towards the steering wheel.

Used to the attention: While Emma is no stranger to photographers her friend seemed put off and, to her amusement, needed help to work the hybrid car

Emma, who has said goodbye to her role as Hermoine Grainger after the final Harry Potter film was released last month, is no stranger to attention from snappers.

But her friend appeared to be extremely put off by the photographers and was left needing directions from his friend on how to use her hybrid car.

Emma had attended the film screening at the Landmark Theatre on Monday night which had seen stars Ryan Reynolds accompanied by his good friend Sandra Bullock, Olivia Wilde and Jason Bateman walked the red carpet.

This is how you do it: Emma had been at The Change Up premiere when her friend tried, and failed to drive her car

Centre of attention: Given the followers Emma was attracting she probably thought she would make a speedier getaway if her friend drove

In demand: Emma, seen in Santa Monica on Sunday, has lots of work lined up despite finishing the Harry Potter films that made her name 

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