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Romance? Kerry Katona and Lucien Laviscount shared a cheeky kiss in the Celebrity Big Brother house

She said she is looking for someone 'faithful and romantic', so has Kerry Katona found her perfect man in Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount? 

After a long conversation earlier in the day about what she looks for in a man, Kerry and Lucien were tonight shown sharing a cheeky kiss.

Kerry was checking that Lucien, who was showing off his muscles by going shirtless, was okay after he found out that the housemates were being punished because Bobby had told Tara he thought Lucien had nominated him for eviction.

Love is in the air: The pair exchanged flirty looks as they made a cup of tea together before bed

But Lucien insisted: 'I'm fine, honest to God. I'm super-duper fine - I'm more than sweet.'

However, Kerry, 30, stayed with him to make sure he was telling the truth, helping him make a cup of tea and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Then when the pair made their way back into the bedroom, Lucien, 19, initiated a kiss with the mother-of-four.

Up close and personal: Kerry helped Lucien pour the milk into the tea, and managed to avoid the fact that he was shirtless

Earlier in the day, Kerry told Lucien she hadn't slept with anyone since April, and also described her perfect man.

She said: 'I'm really highly sexed if I'm with somebody, but I'm not then I just make do. I can't wait until I do meet someone who's faithful, romantic and a bit dangerous, someone who puts me in my place.'

A cheeky Lucien replied: 'I know exactly what you want, I've got you locked down.'
Earlier in the day, Kerry had confessed in the diary room she was considering quitting the show.

She said: 'They are all usually in bed with me on a Sunday morning and I feel guilty because I'm having so much fun in here. I know they are alright, I am just missing them.

Perfect man: Kerry said earlier in the day that her perfect man would be 'faithful and romantic'

'I just miss tickling them, and biting their feet and stuff. I keep thinking in my head, "Kerry, go home, you're being selfish being in here". But I'm in here for a reason and if I walk I'm letting them down - it's a catch 22.'

The housemates were yesterday told they would have to nominate for the first time, and thought carefully about who they would choose.

Amy was up first, nominating Pamela and explaining: 'She is moaning quite a lot since she has got into the house. I ask her all the time if she's OK and there's always something wrong with her.

'And she's staying away from everybody too, which I don't think you should do when you're in the Big Brother house.'

She then nominated Bobby: 'I'm really confused by bobby - he's changing every single day, he's trying to be something that he's not.'

The most disturbing punishment ever? Jedward were made to dress as babies after failing to clean up following the failure of the Marco Pierre White task

Careful! The boys were forced to continue in their outfits for the rest of the day

Bobby was up next, again choosing Pamela, saying: 'I feel awkward to talking to Pamela. When you're having a conversation with her, she's talking about one thing and when you try and say something she will continue talking about the story she had scripted in her head.

'And then last night there was a strange incident when she was sleep talking - it was a bit weird.'

The male model then nominated Darryn, explaining: 'My second nomination is for Darryn because he dominates the kitchen and that annoys me. He knows I like to cook but he won't let me. I tried to be passive with it, but he didn't ask me to help when he made the roast dinner today.'

Then it was Darryn's turn to nominate, again picking Pamela and explaining: 'I don't get on with Pamela, I don't find it that comfortable being around her.

Want my lolly? The res t of the housemates, including Lucien, seemed unsure what to make of the twins

Time for bed: The boys went to sleep after Amy read them a bedtime story

'She's an odd woman, living an odd life in an odd situation. And I think she's a loose cannon with regard to her emotional rollercoaster.'

Darryn then nominated Tara, adding: 'There is something at the back there that i feel could really turn and upset the house.'

Jedward, unsurprisingly, didn't seem to be taking their nominations too seriously, deciding to choose Lucien because of his womanising, adding: 'If Britney Spears was in this house she'd be singing that song to him all the time.'

The twins then nominated Darryn for his snoring and because 'he always tells us what we can and can't do.'

Time to say goodbye? Pamela and Darryn are both up for eviction this week after receiving the most nominations

Who to choose? Tara and Amy ponder who they should nominate in the diary room

Kerry was up next, nominating Pamela: 'I think she's in the wrong place in her life.
She's very childlike in so many ways - it's all very celebrity and very Hollywood with her. I find it mentally draining having to have a conversation with her- it's a little bit exhausting.'

She also then chose Tara: 'I never know what I'm going to get with Tara - i think she can be a bit paranoid. I find Tara to be a bit of an instigator, trying to make little teams, and I don't like that. I'm easily led but I'm trying so hard not to get involved. Her mood swings are quite temperamental as well.'

Lucien also nominated Pamela because of her whinging, and then chose Darryn, adding: 'I don't understand him sometimes. If I'm having a laugh or doing something, I feel like i have to hold back because of the way he looks at me sometimes.'

Paddy was up next, nominated Bobby for being a 'two-headed penny', and Pamela, explaining: 'She goes in my head and she can't come out of it because she thinks I'm a social worker or a probation officer and I'm none of them, I'm just a travelling boy.
'She's gone with the fairies.'

What are you talking about? Paddy looked confused as Pamela told him a story about how she had met Princess Diana's REAL mother

I don't like her: Darryn and Amy talk about Tara and Pamela's eccentricities in the garden

Pamela nominated Darryn: 'I think being on a team you don't knock other people. When you try to contribute it has to be his way.'

And Bobby: 'I do not see him pitching in, team playing, and I think that's very important.'

Tara was last up to nominate, first choosing Pamela: 'I think she's a emotionally draining, she's confusing. she talks to people that aren't really there. She doesn't listen at all. her energy is just not right.'

And Darryn: 'Inside the house, Darryn has been nice to people's faces and then been mean behind their back, especially with the twins and myself. His jokes are with a twist of mean evilness and then he starts controlling everyone's paranoia.'

'Away with the fairies': Pamela has been angering some of her fellow housemates with her bizarre comments

Following the nominations, it was revealed that Pamela and Darryn are up for eviction this week.

But things didn't go quite to plan after Bobby and Tara discussed the nominations afterwards, with Bobby saying that he thought Lucien had nominated him because he had been avoiding him all day.

Big Brother then decided, as punishment, to cancel the housemates' hot water until further notice.

Passing the time: Jedward made a catapult on the bridge and took turns pinging their underwear at Bobby

Taking it like a man: Bobby stands on the sunlounger, ready to be pelted with pants

Also in last night's show, Jedward were punished for not cleaning up properly following the Marco Pierre White cooking challenge the day before by being forced to dress up as babies in bonnets and nappies.

However, the Irish twins seemed entirely unconcerned about the prospect of becoming babies for the day, taking it in their stride and shocking their fellow housemates with how well they managed to pretend to be children.

In the diary room afterwards, Jedward told Big Brother they had 'loved every minutes' of being babies for the afternoon - completely missing the point of their punishment. 

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