Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dude, where's my style? Ashton Kutcher shows off an unkempt preppy look on David Letterman Show

Preppy: Ashton Kutcher arrives at The Late Show With David Letterman studio in New York

Everyone knows that MTV Punk'd star, Ashton Kutcher, loves a good prank. But it seemed the joke was on the Hollywood star when he arrived at The Late Show with David Letterman show looking like an eccentric maths teacher with a dodgy haircut.

The 33-year-old actor turned up to the studio sporting a rather preppy look that included a stripey bow tie, a slightly frumpy blazer and facial hair.

Prankster: Ashton Kutcher talks to David Letterman dressed in riot gear on August 24

The look probably came as a shock to eagerly-awaiting fans who are used to the star's regular style of jeans, t-shirts and less fuzz around the chin.

But the unusual dress sense didn't stop there. After stopping to speak with fans and pose for photographs with them, Ashton headed inside where he had another look to model in the form of a riot costume.

Fan-tastic: Ashton Kutcher poses for a photo with a fan outside The Late Show With David Letterman studio in New York

'From being on That 70's Show, it was, like, I got used to that, like, walking out in front of the audience.

'After a while, you sort of forget that - you know, where that muscle is- and you get out there and the audience goes crazy.'

However, the prankster, who is married to actress, Demi Moore, tried his best to not reveal too much about his new character. But David wouldn't leave the subject alone.

He managed to get Ashton to reveal that his self-described 'Jesus' look was actually for the sitcom with Ashton saying :'Believe it or not they requested this.'

The star also revealed that he had once said that it was the perfect job and that if anyone offered it to him he would take it in a heartbeat.

Two And A Half Men: Ashton Kutcher with co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones

Since then, Charlie has given him his blessing via Twitter and there appears to be no hard feelings.

Ashton added that he was confident that Two and a Half Men would be a success, saying: "I think it's going to go through the roof, I really do. I've been laughing really hard.

Ashton's character, Walden Schmidt, will be introduced in the new season of Two and a Half Men, which starts on September 19 on CBS.

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