Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shane Watson is learning hindi

Australian cricket star Shane Watson has come to India. It isn’t the first time but this trip is certainly special for Shane as he’s keen on learning Hindi.
“I have started taking Hindi classes. It is a bit tough… I have friends, who are like strict tutorsto me,” he smiles and shows_off some of words he’s recently learned. “Aaap kaise ho? App kaisi ho? Achcha hun, Bahut ache hain; shubh ratri; kyaa haal hai?,” he laughs adding, “And there are some that I can’t repeat here,” he laughs.

“Hopefully the next time I come to India my Hindi will be a lot better, and I would watch my first Bollywood movie… and make sense of it too,” quips Shane. And guess what, he has been diligently taking notes of that he has learnt so far. “I have penned down all the words that I have leant so far in a note book.
”Shane is open to embrace the Indian culture and learning the language is just one part of it. “I’m a great fan of Indian food. My favorite is his Rajasthani lamb dish.” He elaborates, “I love the Indian spices, and the smell is a lot more intense than the standard Australian food.” Besides, Shane wishes to go to Maldives before flying back home.

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