Monday, May 30, 2011

Preety on a date with lee

Peity Zinta, Bolly wood actress and coowner of the Punjab IPL team Kings XI Punjab was spoted on a secret date with her former, team player Brett Lee at a nightspot in Mumbai recently.
Buzz is that lee and zinta spent around two hours together at Olive but did not leave the joint together as there were paparazzi outside.
Lest there be rumours, Lee departed from the main entrance, while Zinta sneaked out from the main out     from the back door. So at least they avoided being clicked together of a long brewing romance buried.

Rumours about a muted romance between Zinta and Lee date back to the first IPL season when she was particularly generous with hugs and warm embraces for the Aussie hunk, all in front of the media. Lee was married then, but his marriage with Elizabeth Kemp was on a shaky ground.
Brett lee got divorced in 2009. In an interview, he had one on to say that Preity Zinta was his favorite actress.

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